Welcome to our little book shop…

Having always viewed the world through rose tinted glasses, and being an eternal optimist, we love how books open up other wondrous worlds, be they escaping into Narnia, being enlightened by great spiritual texts, having the natural world opened up to new, prying eyes or just being entertained by a bloody good book – that’s the Northerner in us coming out!

Speaking of which, we were brought up in a working class, northern town. We have such pride in our roots, not to mention a desire to help shift the consciousness of the working classes away from ‘that’s your lot’ and ‘don’t get above your station’ to ‘dream big… anything is possible’.

So why Wolves and Women? Well, both have been marginalised for centuries and it’s about time we join forces and look to nature to guide us in creating a world that empowers the underdogs and that inspires us to turn the tide on centuries of elitist control. Don’t worry, we're stepping off our soapbox now!! But… we truly believe that books hold the key to the knowledge and wisdom that can help us reclaim our power, and what’s more, the unlocking of this wisdom should be available to each of us.

We've always longed to have our own bookshop. We love books. The smell of them, the sound of the pages, the indelible messages they offer and, of course, the vast array of mysterious and fantastical realms that they open up.

So why now? Well… our beautiful stepdaddy, Damien, passed away last year and he always said to us, ‘be true to yourself’ and after a lot of thinking and soul searching as to what that meant, it hit like a thunderbolt. We love writing and we love books and now would be the perfect time to start our little indie bookshop. And the launch date, 22nd April, is his birthday. What better day?

So thank you for joining us on our new journey, we look forward to meeting you and to sharing stories about our lives, our favourite books and authors, and to hopefully meeting you at some of the special events that we'll hold in the coming months.